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They’re partners – but they hate each other. A quest for pirate diamonds. Drawn together by a magnetic attraction, will they find true love is the rarest treasure of all? 


Erica is a satellite archeologist, hired to find a treasure of hidden rainbow diamonds. But when she is partnered with a hot-headed bully, who’s meaner than a rabid wolf, there is one problem – he’s really hot. Between the motorcycle, the tattoos and the muscles, Erica can’t help being drawn to the former navy SEAL. 


Cane is bigger and tougher than any of his army buddies. But when it comes to Erica, he has never had such a soft spot. But he’ll never admit it to anyone. How can he find the diamonds and protect the spunky, adorable girl, at the same time?


When they are targeted by Russian thieves, their exotic adventure turns into a dangerous race for the billion-dollar jewels. 


Can the passionate couple locate the treasure and their sparkling happily ever after?


Romancing the Greek Isles is the exclusive Free Book in the Romancing the Treasure series. If you like smart heroines, smoldering hot guys, enemies-to-lovers, and exciting action in exotic locations, then you’ll treasure Sassy Monroe’s steamy adventure.


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Mismatched partners. A hunt for pirate gold. When sparks start flying, will they discover love is the true prize?


Vicky is set on an adventure. While studying a museum painting linked to riches lost at sea, the bold art historian is ready to dismiss a muscled hunk who’s gorgeous… but so rude. But when she learns her employer expects them to be teammates looking for sunken loot, her irritation wars with waves of undeniable attraction.


Miller has buried a broken heart under a tough shell. Discovering a simmering chemistry with his beautiful companion, the Navy SEAL fears the job is too dangerous for the inexperienced treasure hunter. But after he bungles his attempt to leave her behind, the normally unflappable military man struggles to deal with her fury and their extremely passionate kiss.


Refusing to be shunted to the sidelines, Vicky flies to Bermuda to play her part in their charade of a couple on vacation. But when secrets threaten to separate them, Miller worries circling dangers could drown any chance at a future.


Can the fiery pair find the X that marks a happy ending?


Romancing Bermuda is the action-packed first book in the Romancing The Treasure romance series. If you like feisty heroines, enemies-to-lovers attractions, and piracy on the high seas, then you’ll adore Sassy Monroe’s spicy quest.


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Opposite teammates, a quest for hidden treasure, when chemistry catches fire, will they find true love is the real jackpot?

Kat is an optimistic young nurse who brings sunshine everywhere she goes. At her friend’s wedding she runs into a gorgeous beast of a man who has the weight of the word on his shoulders. Can she help him? Should she?

Jace is an army Ranger hiding a broken heart. He stays to himself and doesn’t date anyone, hiding in his penthouse apartment. Until he runs into the beautiful sassy girl at his friend’s wedding. The one who sparked something he hasn’t felt in years—hope.

Now they have been teamed up to find a legendary tressure hidden in a castle at the top of the Swiss Alps. But when thieves, storms and predators threaten their adventure, Kat wonders if they will even make it out alive, or will they be frozen in the ice forever.

Can the magnetic couple find that the true riches lie between them?

Romancing The Alps is a heart racing, passion filled adventure in the Romancing the Treasure series. If you like sunshine heroines and grumpy hunks of masculinity, then you will love Sassy Monroe’s new spicy treasure hunt.

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